Get to know my process. Please read before sending an enquiry.

Currently based in London and guesting around the world.

Medium to large projects, palm-size going up. I love doing birds, flowers, fruits, plants, fish, insects and other terrestrial or aquatic animals. I also enjoy working on abstract pieces.

Get in touch with your tattoo idea for something bespoke or check out my available designs on Instagram.

Please bear in mind that I am unable to honour requests not consistent with my style. E.g., tiny tattoos, western watercolour, pet portraits, landscapes, text/lettering, geometric and fantasy tattoos.

I take inspiration from Chinese brush painting and I try to capture the vividness of nature as it appears in its organic form, following precise compositional principles and brushstroke movement. Learn more about this fascinating art form by following the links below:

Fill out my booking form with as much information as you can about your idea. I am interested to know how you visualise your tattoo. Be as specific as you need to be when describing aspects like size, placement, appearance, colour and quantity.

Including visual references can be helpful. These can be images that inspire you, photos of other tattoos that you like, sketches, etc. Feel free to share your motive to want the tattoo if relevant.

When you send the form you will receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder if you don’t. If your enquiry aligns with my area of interest, I will email you to arrange a free consultation.

I recommend that you come for a consultation, so we can have a chat and decide if we are a good fit. You can check out the studio and share exactly how you imagine your tattoo. I will listen to everything you have to say and give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your tattoo.

This is an excellent opportunity to understand how your idea translates to my style, determine the size, placement and get a quote for the tattoo. When it’s not possible to meet in person, we can arrange a phone consultation instead.

Arrive 5-10 minutes early if we are meeting in person. If you have any visual references that you would like to discuss, please send/bring them along. If not, then simply explain your tattoo idea.

Please keep an open mind and understand that not everything will be possible or look good as a tattoo. I will be able to give you advice and offer alternatives that might not have occurred to you so that you are aware of all your options.

If you are happy to go ahead, you must put down a deposit to reserve your tattoo appointment. This will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo and is non-refundable.

Yes. To cover an existing tattoo, the new one needs to be bigger and darker than the original. This adds some constraints that we will need to work with. In some cases, laser removal is recommended to partially erase or lighten the old tattoo.

As long as the scars are over 1 year old, we can probably tattoo over them. One thing to remember is that a tattoo will not erase the scar or change its texture. You should always consult a dermatologist before tattooing over scars.

I will not work on another artist’s tattoo unless it’s a cover-up. If you need a touch-up, consider going back to the original artist. In most cases, mixing different tattoo styles doesn’t give good results, and a new tattoo is always a better option.

Yes. The colours in your tattoo should be darker than your natural skin tone. This means deeper tones and more black is needed to create a good contrast. Red and green are considered to work best on darker complexions.

Yes, the tattoo process and aftercare is free of animal by-products and is 100% vegan. If you want to know about the specific products that I use, please email me.

The cost of your tattoo depends on size, placement and complexity of the design. I can only give a quote after we’ve had a consultation and discussed the details of your tattoo. If your tattoo requires many sessions, I can only give you an estimate of the project.

If you have a budget, please let me know, so I can tell you what we can do with it. Your tattoo might have to be scaled down, or some of the details will have to be simplified.

The design will be ready for you when you come to the studio on the day of your appointment. Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to go over it and make any changes if necessary.

You can request minor adjustments to the size, colour tones and placement. Large modifications or the request of a different design will need a new booking.

You are welcome to bring a friend, but unfortunately, they can’t sit with you in the treatment area. Guests are welcome to wait in our waiting room, although this might not be practical for the whole duration of your appointment.

You must give 14 days notice before your appointment to roll over your deposit to a new date. Your deposit will be forfeited if less notice is given and I can’t find a replacement for your booking. Only one rescheduling is possible, and you must book a new date within 7 days of rescheduling.

The healing phase varies depending on the individual and the tattoo. The surface of your skin (epidermis) will heal within 2 to 3 weeks. The underlying layer (dermis) is where ink gets locked in to make the tattoo permanent.

This heals at a slower rate, even after the scabs come off so it can take up to 6 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal. You must follow proper aftercare to help prevent infection and protect your tattoo.

The aftercare process is your responsibility. You must keep the tattoo clean at all times. I will give you instructions on the day of your appointment, and support is available over email if you need it. You should avoid direct sunlight, prolonged wetness (swimming, bathing) and intense physical exercise.

The studio doesn’t sell aftercare products so you must buy yours in advance. You will need a sensitive antibacterial soap, paper towels, cling film and a tattoo healing cream. I recommend Hustle Butter (vegan), available on Amazon or Killer Ink. Or, you can use Bephanten Nappy Care available in most supermarkets.

I offer 2 hours touch-up free of charge if needed. You must allow your skin to completely heal for 30 days before considering a touch-up.

If your tattoo sustains significant damage due to improper aftercare, I might need to charge for a touch-up. Appointments will be subjected to the usual hourly rate if longer than 2 hours or done later than 3 months since the tattoo was made.

Send your questions to [email protected] or DM on Instagram.

Tattoo Consultation

Get all the information you need to make the best choice for your tattoo. Book now to join my waiting list and arrange a free consultation.

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