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About Yuki

Ever since I started tattooing I have been on a journey of self-discovery, being brought to a new stage of life, awakening my strong desire to grow artistically and to excel myself.

As an artist, I truly wish to do what I feel. The freedom and trust I am given by my clients, and my desire to explore and unchain myself from the societal pressure and canons are a total necessity.

In my works I show a true interest for East Asian aestheticism, focusing on Chinese and Japanese ink-wash painting. I treasure how this ancient form of brush painting can be figurative and abstract at the same time, whilst I try to develop it into a more personal and subjective art.

Ink-wash painting first appeared in China, and was later introduced to Korea and Japan. 
Influenced by Zen Buddhism, this is a meditative discipline based on compositional principles and time-honoured practices.

"The aim is to convey in a condensed form, the vividness and rhythm of nature, with all its cosmic beings, using minimal brush strokes."

The intention is not to reproduce a subject’s appearance but to capture its spirit and soul. This is why suggestion plays a key role.

To ‘become one with the brush’ requires years of practice, to refine the expressiveness of a single brush stroke which makes a painting energised and eye-catching. With careful observation, anyone can learn to appreciate the philosophical theory and significance of this painting style.

My tattoos are dedicated to people who want to try something different and keep something old alive. A truly special gift to be carried throughout their lives.

Tattoo Consultation

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